Gilbert & George



In 2012 Cartrain created a series of collage artworks featuring images of

Gilbert & George.

These images were later reproduced by Gilbert & George and

displayed at their 2014 exhibition "Scapegoating" at the

White Cube gallery in London.

Cartrain - Gilbert and George

Damien Hirst



In December 2008, Damien Hirst contacted the Design and Artists Copyright Society (DACS) demanding action be taken over works containing images of his skull sculpture For the Love of God made by Cartrain. On the advice of his gallery, Cartrain handed over the artworks to DACS and forfeited the £200 he had made. In July 2009, Cartrain walked into Tate Britain and removed a packet of Faber Castell 1990 Mongol 482 series pencils from Damien Hirst's installation, Pharmacy. Cartrain was subsequently arrested for £500,000 worth of theft. Jamie Reid (Sex pistols album designer) along with Jamie Reid, Billy Childish and John Lekay created artworks in Support of Cartrain.

Cartrain - "For the Love of God"

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Double Doors - Gilbert

and George

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